Life in Canada offers a depth of opportunities to its residents

Life in Canada offers a depth of opportunities to its residents

Life in Canada offers a depth of opportunities to its residents. To call Canada home, thousands of people immigrate to Canada for permanent settlement every year.

Canada offers many immigration opportunities to international residents on a Federal and Provincial level. Whether you are a young skilled worker or a successful business owner, Canada has programs to cater to each level.

Express Entry

The Express Entry is an online system that Immigration Canada uses to manage applications for permanent residence from Skilled Workers. To be eligible to apply to the system you must be eligible under one of three economic immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

Your profile is given a score under their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Highest Ranked candidates are drawn via Rounds of Invitations and are invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. As Rounds of invitation dates and total number of applicants to be drawn in each draw are not advertised or known beforehand, the CRS cut-off score cannot be predetermined. Applicants can forecast and estimate draw results and try to attain a score equal or higher than the previous cut-off score by constantly trying to improve their existing scores.

Factors that can help increase CRS scores may include; Improving your educational credentials, Improving your English Language scores, attaining an offer of arranged employment with LMIA or even receiving a nomination in an affiliated Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). Being nominated by an affiliated province gives applicants an additional 600 points.

There are several Provincial Nominee programs that are directly linked to the Express Entry System. For details regarding such programs and those eligible to your situation, please contact us for more information.

Provincial Nomination

All Canadian provinces have their own individual immigration programs as well. Each program is based on the provinces geographic and economic need. As their needs are different, each program has a different intake criteria and process. Certain PNP programs are linked to the Express Entry system, others require an approved job offer where as others are stand alone.

To have your situation assessed according to the currently available provincial programs, please contact us today.

Canada offers many provincial entrepreneur programs to foreign business owners with business management experience. With options of establishing a new business in Canada or purchasing an existing Canadian business, there are multiple avenues to explore.

For detailed information regarding program eligibility, please contact us.

Canada supports family unification and offers family sponsorship programs to bring family together to permanently live in Canada. Whether you are a dependent, spouse, parent or grandparent of a Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident, you may immigrate to Canada through the family sponsorship route.

For more information please contact us.

Are you self employed and looking forward to immigrate to Canada? Canada is offering immigration to self employed persons in targeted occupational areas.

For more information on eligibility criteria, please contact us.